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7 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Right Away

Plumbing is one of those things that you never seem to think about. That is until you have a problem.

Unfortunately, you don't always know there is an issue. Around 10% of homes in the United States has some sort of leak.

The question is, are there signs you can look for that indicate that you need to call a plumber?

Keep reading to learn seven warning signs you need to know.

1. Low Water Pressure

Have you ever taken a shower where it seems like the water isn't coming out as forcefully as it should? That's because you don't have enough water pressure.

When this happens, it can be a sign that something is wrong. The most common cause is a clog, but leaks and incorrectly sized pipes can also be the issue.

2. Gurgling Sounds

Do you know the rumbling sound your stomach makes when it's hungry or upset? That's known as gurgling, and your water pipes can do the same thing.

When it does, it's a sign that there is a blockage that's causing water to get trapped.

3. Unusual Smells

If you've noticed any strange smells around your house, it could be sewage. When your sewage pipes crack, the odor can make its way into your home.

Sewage can sometimes be confused with the smell of gas, so make sure you know for sure what you're smelling.

4. Slow or No Drainage

Problems with drainage is an obvious sign of a clog. If your problem is with things like hair and other small obstructions, drain cleaners may be a great choice for you.

But if you're dealing with more significant obstructions, they may not be enough. You'll need to call a plumber to get the clog cleared.

5. Frozen Pipes

If your pipes are frozen, then you need to call a plumber immediately. Signs of frozen pipes include frost buildup, clanking, and no water.

A frozen pipe can lead to cracks or a burst pipe, so get it fixed as soon as possible.

6. Burst Pipes

If you have water coming into your home and you can't figure out where it's coming from, you may have a burst pipe. If you don't get it resolved, you can run up your water bill and end up with significant water damage.

A plumber will be able to locate the burst pipe to get it fixed quickly.

7. Water That Isn't Clear

Water should be clear, and if it isn't, you have a problem.

When your water isn't clear, it's a sign that your water is contaminated. Brown water can be a sign of too much iron or water heater issues. If your water is blue, the copper in your pipes could be corroding.

Don't Hesitate to Call a Plumber

It's hard to find a problem you aren't looking for. Instead of waiting for a plumbing problem to get worse, watch for the signs above to uncover any potential issues. When you take care of plumbing issues quickly, you can prevent more significant issues in the future.

If you recognize any of the signs above, then you need to call a plumber. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a plumber to come out and fix your problem.

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