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3 Measures You Can Do While Waiting for the Plumbers

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Emergencies call for quick action. If you notice a water leak, call a professional plumber as soon as possible. If you don’t take action, major water damage can occur in just a few hours. Waiting makes the problem worse and can lead to more costly repairs down the road. But what should you do while you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive? Here are some suggestions.


Emergency Measure No. 1: Cut off the water source.

When you notice a water leak, the best thing to do is turn off the supply as quickly as possible. Does the leak have an obvious source? If you see water coming from a pipe or faucet, try turning off the water supply valve to that fixture and see if the leak stops. If it doesn’t, turn off the main water valve to your house. This will shut off all water in your home, including toilets and showers.

Look in the basement or crawl space if you don’t know where your main water valve is. The valve will be near a pipe that runs from the street into your house. If you’re not sure whether it’s safe to turn off this valve, call a plumber or water utility company for advice.

Why is it important?

Cutting off the water source will avoid flooding. Even if you cannot immediately repair the leak, turning off the water will prevent your pipes from bursting and causing significant damage to your home. And, although it doesn’t seem like much is coming out of the pipe, it’s best to direct all the water into buckets or other containers until someone can come by and fix it. Cutting the supply saves you money, too—lots of it. It ensures that you won’t have to pay for water that is just going down the drain (literally)! You’re also saving money by preventing further water damage, which is usually very expensive to repair.

Emergency Measure No. 2: Dry out your home and quickly clean up the mess.

After cutting the supply, you should start trying to dry out your home as quickly as possible. The faster you can remove water from your home, the better. Clean up any leaks or spills as soon as they happen. You should never put off cleaning up water spills or leaks—even if they are small or hidden behind closed doors or drawers in your home. If you have a crawl space in your home, make sure it has proper ventilation and drainage to prevent moisture buildup. You can use fans and dehumidifiers in combination with other methods of drying out your home—like heaters or portable air conditioners—to move water into buckets or other containers faster.

Why is it important?

Water seepage is the mother villain when it comes to home damage. Standing water can cause structural damage to your home, and they are very costly to repair. Moist can also lead to the growth of mold and bacteria, which may cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems. They can also cause rashes or infections in people with pre-existing conditions like eczema. Mold remediation is costly, too! Depending on where mold is growing and how much of the home it has infested, the cost of remediation can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.


Emergency Measure No. 3: Secure an alternative water source

You’ll never really know how long it will take to restore your water supply to normal conditions. If you’re dealing with minor leaks, you might be able to wait it out, but if you’re dealing with a major water damage incident, like one that requires a slab leak specialist, you should consider securing an alternative water source.

You can ask your friendly neighbors to let you tap a water hose into their home, or you can invest in a large water tank. A portable water tank is the most convenient option because it’s easy to move around, but it may not be large enough if you have a lot of people living in your home. You can purchase a portable tank from many different companies online or at local hardware stores. To save money, you can also check out Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to look for used or second-hand water tanks since they are often much cheaper than brand-new ones.

Why is it important?

Without water, most of our daily activities at home will be put to a halt. You won’t be able to wash the dishes, do laundry, water your plants, wash your car, bathe your pets, or clean your fish tank. You won’t be able to take a shower, or even worse, flush your toilet after use! If you don’t want to ever experience these things and live without water, then it’s important that you secure an alternative water source while you wait for your plumbing system to be fixed.

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