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Slab Leak Repair: 10 Signs You Need to Call the Pros

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Some consider a slab leak the “mother of all leaks” because it is the most difficult to detect and fix. It is also the most destructive and expensive, as it can wreck your entire foundation and cause mold to grow, creating an unhealthy environment inside your home.


Has your water bill unexpectedly gone up? Perhaps your carpet has become damp or moldy all of a sudden? You might be dealing with a slab leak if you say “yes” to these.

A slab leak is a term used to refer to leaks in pipes inside or under a house’s foundation. It is caused by several things—from poorly-installed plumbing systems to rusting pipes and shifting soil under the foundation.

As with most problems, early detection is the key to ensuring that the leak will not cause further damage to your home. So, we’ve compiled these ten warning signs to help you detect slab leaks as early as possible. When you see these signs, call a slab leak service specialist immediately.

Sign 1: Your floors are damp, wet, or flooded.

A damp, wet, or flooded floor is the most obvious sign of a slab leak in your home. When a pipe under a slab starts to leak, it creates a pool of water. Your concrete slab will soak up that water, eventually wetting your floor or carpet. 

Sign 2: You hear running water.

You can also find a slab leak by just listening for it. You can sometimes hear water running under the floor when water leaks under the foundation. But, although you can listen to it, you will most likely still need a slab leak specialist to find where the leak is coming from.

Sign 3: Your water bill suddenly went up.

You may have a slab leak if your water or heating bill is significantly higher than usual. Though this may indicate a burst pipe, but another explanation is that water is seeping up through the floor because of a hidden leak.

Sign 4: You see a sudden rise in mold.

Once your foundation is soaked up, water will get into your walls. Moisture in your walls can create a breeding ground for mold. Without slab leak repair, mold will continue to grow inside your walls and eventually make its way out.

Sign 5: Your floor slabs are getting uneven.

A slab leak can compromise the structural soundness of your home’s foundation. The leak will eventually cause your floor slabs to buckle or sag, making the floor uneven.

Sign 6: Your water pressure has decreased.

Leaks can lower the pressure and flow of water. If your water pressure drops, there is likely a leak somewhere in the pipes. If you can’t find any water leaks, there could be some hidden leaks underground. 

Sign 7: You notice patches of warmer floor areas.

A broken hot water pipe under your concrete slab could make some spots on your floor warmer than others. If you have a big water leak, hot water could get on parts of your floor. Over time, the heat will rise to the floor’s surface, creating these warm spots.

Sign 8: Water pools inside or outside your home.

If you see pools of water outside your house on a day when it’s otherwise dry, this could signify a slab leak. Also, watch out for standing water inside your home, especially if it’s on the main floor and close to plumbing appliances like your washing machine.

sla leak repair

Sign 9: Cracks in the walls and ceilings appear.

Water from slab leaks can seep into your home’s interior walls and ceilings. It’s common for the sheetrock to crack or warp when this happens. Look around each area to see if the paint is bubbling or if cracks are beginning to appear on the surface. If this occurs, immediately contact a plumber to have them come out and check for slab leaks.

Sign 10: Plants near the foundation appear different.

Sometimes, the lush appearance of the grass or plants near your house’s foundation can be a sign of a slab leak. The grass around the foundation is often greener or fuller than the surrounding grass. Or, if too much water comes from the slab leak, the plants will wilt and turn yellow.

Slab Leak Repair in Waco, TX

You might be wondering if a small slab leak is something you can ignore. No, it isn’t. You need to fix a slab leak as soon as you discover it. The longer you wait, the worse your problem will get. Even if your water bill isn’t that high yet, or the mold growing on your walls is still manageable, you need to act on the problem and find a plumber to help you find and repair the slab leak.

You don’t want to lose the value of your property over some small leak, do you? Even a tiny leak in your foundation can become a nightmare when not addressed correctly and on time.

Are you worried about repair costs? Think how much more it will cost you if you let the leak fester and continue to damage your home and threaten your and your family’s health.Call Smelser Plumbing today if you’re looking for residential or commercial plumbers in Waco, Texas that specialize in slab leak repair. With over 30 years of accumulated plumbing experience, we can surely help you with any plumbing issue, no matter the size. You can also schedule a free consultation with our in-house plumbing experts or request a quote.

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