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Why Do We Need to Call a Plumber When It Comes to Sewer Repair?

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It is common for many people to try to fix plumbing problems on their own. While it is tempting, you should just let a professional handle your sewer problems. It may cost a little more to hire one, but it will save you a lot of headaches and frustration. Here are some reasons why calling a professional plumber is your best option:


Signs that Your Sewer Pipes Need Repair

When it comes to plumbing, many signs can tell you when it is time for a repair. Here are some of them:

  • You notice a sewage smell in your bathroom. This could be coming from another room or from outside, but if you notice it anywhere near the toilet, it’s time to call a plumber.
  • The water in your toilet is cloudy or has a bad smell. This could be leftover toilet paper or tissue, but if this happens often, it might be time for a new flapper.
  • The toilet flushes slowly or not at all. If your toilet won’t flush, call a plumber right away. You may have clogged pipes or a broken chain in the tank.
  • You hear gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your toilet. This could be caused by air bubbles or something blocking the pipes, but if it happens often, you should call a plumber.

Why let professional plumbers handle the repair?

To put it simply, sewer repair is not an easy job (much more if it’s a trenchless sewer repair job). If you can’t stand the thought of getting your hands dirty (or bloody), then you might not be ready to do a sewer repair. Here are the three main reasons why sewer and pipe repair is a job for the pros:

Reason 1: Sewer repair is very messy.

Repairing a sewer is not a fun job. You will be working with water, dirt, and other debris. The main purpose of a sewer repair is to remove any blockage in the line so that water can flow through freely. To do this, plumbers have to use their hands to reach into the drain and manipulate the clog. This means that there’s going to be some mess involved.

If this sounds unappealing to you, then consider hiring a professional plumber instead. These technicians are used to cleaning up after themselves and will have the tools and clothing needed for the job at hand. They’ll also work quickly so that they don’t spend too much time in any one place and risk getting covered in wastewater or worse.

Reason 2: Sewer Repair Can Be Unhealthy and Dangerous

It’s not just about the mess—it’s about what can happen if someone gets exposed to all of those nasty things down there. For example, E. coli and other germs from sewage can spread very easily through contact with those germs.

Hence, working on sewers can be very unhealthy. You will need to wear the proper safety gear and know how to avoid getting exposed. And it’s not just about being exposed to germs and getting dirty—there are some very real dangers associated with sewer repair. For example, there could be rats or other animals living in the sewage that could bite you if you’re not careful. Some chemicals and gasses can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, there could be methane gas in the sewer line that could ignite if it comes into contact with a flame or spark.

Reason 3: You might not do it right.

Even professionals (at times) find sewer repair difficult. If you are not familiar with how things work in a sewer line, then it could be very easy for you to make a mistake. This is especially true if the problem is not obvious. If your line has been leaking slowly and quietly behind your walls, there’s a good chance that you will not even know about it until it becomes much worse than it already is by that time.

To be sure the problem is fixed correctly, it’s better to let the professionals handle it in the first place. In addition to saving you from having to clean up after yourself, if anything goes wrong further down the line, there’s no need to worry—the professional plumbers have already seen what problems there could potentially be and are ready to take the steps necessary to fix them.

Reason 4: Guaranteed Repairs

Professional plumbers can also guarantee their repair jobs. This means that if something goes wrong with the repair, they’ll come back out and fix it. This is important because if you were to try a do-it-yourself repair job on your own and something went wrong, you would have no one to blame but yourself. Moreover, if a do-it-yourself repair job goes wrong, you will likely need to call in plumbers anyway. So why not save yourself some time and money by letting professionals do their job from the beginning?

Reliable Plumbers in Waco, Texas

While some smaller issues can be taken care of by handy homeowners, sewer problems should always be addressed by an experienced professional. Don’t risk your health and safety by repairing your sewer on your own. Call a professional plumber instead to help you deal with the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Smelscer Plumbing, we can quickly locate the source of your problem and fix it for less than you ever imagined. We offer same-day service, 24/7 emergency plumbing services, and competitive rates. Our experienced plumbers in Waco have been in the industry for several years and are fully licensed and insured. You can always count on us to provide courteous, professional service that won’t break your budget. Call 254-749-7955 today.

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